Wallpaper Removal

Our Wallpaper Removal service is a meticulous process to prepare your walls for a fresh, new look. Here are the five key steps in our wallpaper removal process:

Step 1: Assessment and Evaluation:

  • We begin with a thorough assessment of the wallpaper to determine its type, age, and condition.
  • We evaluate the adhesive used and the underlying wall surface.

Step 2: Preparation and Protection:

  • We prepare the workspace by moving furniture and covering floors and adjacent surfaces to protect them from wallpaper debris.
  • For safety, we turn off power to any electrical outlets or fixtures in the work area.

Step 3: Wallpaper Removal:

  • Depending on the wallpaper type, we use appropriate methods, including steam or chemical solutions, to loosen and remove the wallpaper.
  • Our team works carefully to avoid damaging the underlying drywall.

Step 4: Surface Smoothing:

  • After the wallpaper is removed, we inspect the wall surface for any adhesive residue or imperfections.
  • We smooth and prepare the surface for painting or new wallpaper application.

Step 5: Cleanup and Finishing:

  • We clean up all debris and ensure the workspace is left in a tidy condition.
  • If you plan to apply new wallpaper or paint, we can provide surface priming and preparation for a seamless transition.

Our Wallpaper Removal process prepares your walls for a fresh start, allowing you to update your interior with a new design or paint color. We take care to preserve the underlying wall structure and ensure a smooth surface, ready for your chosen wall treatment.

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